Saturday, June 26, 2010

it's a first!

Why hello! This is my first official post on my first official blog! I've been meaning to get this up and running for a while, but between working + the bun in the oven, blog time has been limited. I think for my first post, I'll link up three awesome photographers who will be photographing our little lady within the first week or two of her precious little life!

Kim has been one of my dearest friends since I was in the 7th grade (back in 2002!). We started out as pen pals with an equal love for crafts, good music, and thrifting. She's been with me at dance competitions, when i've been stuck in a vintage prom dress, and not to mention she's been there to photograph my engagement, my wedding, and soon, my bump + my baby! Her family is my family, and vice versa. I've attatched a SPLENDID photo of us. This may have been from our first summer hanging out together.... my how we have changed!

I was referred to Ashley after viewing some shots she took of my friend's adorable little man, Levi. She had a style I was totally in to, and lots of sweet props. I'm so excited to meet her for a maternity shoot next month and a newborn shoot in September!

I first became aware of Sarah Maxey through She specializes in natural light newborn/child photography, but also photographs births, which is what she will be doing for us. My husband Tyler and I were both on the fence initially of the idea of having a near stranger be a witness to the intimate birth of our baby, but I've fell in love with the idea and have since convinced Tyler. For anyone unfamiliar with the process, a birth photographer is a photographer hired to document the entire birthing experience: labor, delivery, and post-partum snuggles. It's such an art form, and I'm blessed to have found Sarah who was willing to help us out. I will be meeting up with her for lunch in July to lay out plans for the big day. Here's a picture I snagged from her gallery of a birth.

Well, that is all from me here... think it's time to turn in for the night!

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