Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Here is our precious kitty Truman! He's lounging on the new pillow I made for him tonight. Both him and our other cat, Drew, have been in need of their own bed for a while, so I whipped this little one up for them tonight.

Truman is a fan of sleeping on shoes, desks, window ledges, the dresser, and other equally hard items so I was really surprised that he settled so quickly on the pillow since its MUCH more comfortable than his usual surface of choice.

Drew has yet to test it out, but he already has made a bed for himself in our upstairs closet in a box of clothes that we never unpacked, so I guess he is less impressed with this new addition.

I need to venture to the fabric store and but some sweet fleece so I can make another bed like THIS ONE. I think they would love it!

In other news, only 2 more days until my 4-d sonogram appointment! Baby B has been bumping around in my belly like crazy the past couple days (not to mention I look MUCH rounder than I did at my last sono), so I am excited to not only see what she looks like, but how much bigger she has gotten. Both grandmas (my mom and and my mother-in-law) as well as one of my best friends will be joining in on the excitement. I might even have to post a picture of her on Thursday!

Oh, and a heads up for the next couple Crafty Sundays: Be ready for an awesome recipe I found for a raspberry lemonade pie to be featured on the 4th of July and the following Sunday I will be making soap with some girlfriends!

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  1. I better see pictures on Thursday! I'm TOO excited to see how incredibly gorgeous she is. :) I bet she'll have cute chubby cheeks like Levi did.